Times & Citizen committed to Bedford - and we’re here to stay

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It’s business as usual at the Times & Citizen, contrary to what you may have heard or read.

As announced previously the reception at our Mill Street offices closed on Friday but there are absolutely no plans to move our publishing operation away from the town.

It was a difficult decision to take but inevitable as, along with many other businesses, the way we communicate has changed with the times.

Over the decades we’ve moved from speaking to people in person, to over the phone, and now often communicating with our army of readers via email, Facebook or Twitter.

And, along with many local newspaper offices up and down the country, we have seen far fewer visitors in person, as readers choose to contact us in the various other ways as mentioned above.

But while reception has closed the editorial and advertising team here at the Times & Citizen remain committed to providing the best possible service to its readers and advertisers.

This proud newspaper and its website will continue to be at the very heart of the community, as it has been since its forerunner the Bedfordshire Times began publishing in 1845.

We make no secret of our support for the town and the wider community and will continue to champion Bedford as a great place to live, work and do business.

Be assured that the T&C will continue to be based here in Bedford, and continue to offer our readers and advertisers an unrivalled service.

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