Time to vote for school award - £3,000 of sports equipment must be won

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Thirteen local schools have been shortlisted in the BP Green Lights All the Way campaign to win £3,000 of sports equipment and all now go through to final stage, the public vote.

The successful schools, what equipment they require and why are:

Scott Lower School

Equipment – Skipping ropes, beanbags, variety of balls and balls for children with sensory impairments, cones, bands, tennis rackets, hoops, carrying nest, plastic bats, agility ladders, hurdles, speed bounce mats, rackets, giant dice and small parachutes.

Anita Barker, head teacher, said: “We really encourage our pupils to lead a healthy life through exercise and healthy eating. We are currently undergoing an expansion and believe that a variety of new sporting equipment will allow us to continue to help our pupils to maintain a healthy lifestyle”.

St John’s School

Equipment – 2 folding steel goals, 2 aluminium mini goals, 2 basketball goals, a table tennis tables, a set of football nets and footballs.

Ron Babbage, head teacher, said: “St John’s School is a special school for pupils with severe and complex needs. All our pupils demonstrate their love for sport, however due to the lack of equipment this cannot always be put into practice so this funding would allow more of our students to engage in sporting activities”.

John Gibbard Lower School, Sharnbrook

Equipment – Small basketball court on the field, with a fixed post and hoop and basket balls.

Sheila Kaznowski, head teacher, said: “We have all gone basketball crazy here at Sharnbrook John Gibbard Lower School. Unfortunately, as there are so many children on the playground at lunch time, there is not enough space to bounce the ball. Therefore, we would really like to be awarded this funding so we can have a small basketball court on the field - as the ball doesn’t bounce very well on the grass.”

Castle Lower School

Equipment – Basketball stand, hoop and basket balls. Indoor curling equipment, gymnastic mats and sports kits for pupils to represent the school in external competitions.

Mick Marsh, head teacher, said: “Castle Lower School is situated in a densely-populated area, meaning there is very limited outdoor space for sports. We would be extremely grateful to receive funding for new sporting equipment as it would allow the children to play a wider variety of games, both utilising indoor and outdoor spaces”.

St Mary’s Lower School

Equipment – Multi-use balls, a marked out rounders pitch on the field, rounders bats and balls, mats, benches, coloured cones, pucks (for hockey) an all-weather table tennis table and swimming lessons.

Chris Spurgeon, head teacher, said: “Our PE staff have just received training on the delivery of sports in the lower school so all we need now is the ‘green light’ funding to purchase the equipment and put these skills into practice. This equipment would benefit not only children at the school at the moment but also for those of the future”.

Lakeview School

Equipment – Additional funding towards swimming programmes and funding towards Zumba and yoga lessons.

Sue Vint, head teacher, said: “We are looking to highlight children who are gifted and talented at sport, here at Lakeview School, but also focused on encouraging those with lower skill sets or those lacking in confidence. The additional funding will help us achieve this focus”.

Thomas Johnson Lower School

Equipment – Two football goal posts and nets and various types/styles/size balls.

Kevin Nolan, head teacher, said: “Our pupils would truly benefit from winning this funding as it would help us continue the encouragement of exercise, allow football to be played correctly with the appropriate equipment, and last but not least, put a massive smile on all the children’s faces here at Thomas Johnson Lower School”.

Newnham Middle School

Equipment – Tennis nets and outdoor table tennis tables, bats and balls.

Mrs Wilkes, head teacher, said: “Newnham Middle School pupils have shown a great interest in tennis, by arriving early with their tennis rackets and have even started mini tournaments. Winning ‘BP green lights’ would benefit and help our pupils as the current frayed nets would be replaced with brand new ones.”

Ridgeway School

Equipment – Disability sports kits, foam javelins, discus, simple batons, measuring tapes and kwik cricket set.

Graham Allard, head teacher, said: “The enthusiasm our pupils have shown towards sport at Ridgeway School is amazing. The benefits they receive from sport include self-esteem, fitness, and the pride of achievement. Funding for new sporting equipment will support and encourage this enthusiasm towards sport”.

Kymbrook Lower School

Equipment – Woggles and floats, cricket equipment; bats, balls and stumps and P.E. mats.

Mrs Bhungar, PE teacher, said: “Our staff at Kymbrook Lower School are always positive and encourage the pupils to take part and enjoy sports. Having this extra funding will help us improve our facilities and ensure they get the best sporting opportunities”.

Alban Academy

Equipment – 2 table tennis tables, hockey sticks, goals, face guards, helmets, cheerleading kits, pom poms and javelins.

Mrs Higgins, head of PE, said: “Alban Academy have achieved fantastic sporting results already this year, with a wide variety of sports available, run by our great P.E. department. Having the opportunity to be shortlisted would help us improve the facilities and allow our students to develop a passion for sport”.

Shortstown Primary School

Equipment – Javelins, shot put balls, badminton nets and shuttles, table tennis surfaces to go on classroom tables and roll mats.

Denis Cottam, head teacher, said: “Shortstown Primary School will be adding an additional 6 classrooms, which means more pupils, therefore we would be really grateful to be shortlisted to win the funding for sport equipment. We believe new equipment will get the children to play together and make new friends”.

Wootton Lower School

Equipment: Selection of tennis rackets, nets and balls, netballs and bibs. Reason: Wootton Lower School have not been able to take part in some sporting events as they have not had the correct equipment to do so. Therefore, funding towards sporting equipment would allow the pupils to not only enter competitions, but also have the opportunity to explore and find a sport that they truly enjoy.

The public vote opens today and will run until Wednesday, July 30 when the school with the most votes will win the prize. To place your vote – one per email address – email bpgreenlightsbeds@launchpr.co.uk stating which school you are voting for in the subject heading. More information, including the terms and conditions and judging criteria, can be found at www.bedfordtoday/bpgreenlights.