Surprise discovery for volunteers in riverside clean-up

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A joint of pork, a highway barrier and scaffolding poles were among items collected during the first riverside clean-up event, Rivercare.

The clear-up was held on Saturday morning, April 26, and volunteers also collected 22 bags of litter.

The group of 46 volunteers helped to clear and litter pick the area around the Suspension Bridge, including volunteers from Environment Agency, Bedford Sub Aqua Divers, Viking Kayak Club and the Bedford Junior Street Champions.

Also included in the haul were traffic cones, pushchairs, fire extinguishers, road signs, umbrellas, a metal lining for a bin, a bike wheel, spade, camera, car radio, metal tubing, blue barrel and six oars. The event was also supported by the John Bunyan Community boat which kindly supplied refreshments and took the volunteers for a ride along the river after the litter pick.

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “Rivercare events often pick strange and unusual items out of the river, but this must be the first time a joint of pork has been fished out!

“I’d like to thank the volunteers for all their hard work and support to improve the river and Embankment ahead of a busy spring and summer.”

To volunteer at a litter pick, to become a Junior Street Champion or to help look after Bedford’s parks and open spaces please visit for more information.