Slimmer Sally is helping others trim down to a new look

Sally Courtney, before and after slimming.
Sally Courtney, before and after slimming.

A woman who has been overweight for much of her life is now slimmed down and helping others meet their goals.

Sally Courtney, 30, from Wilstead, has also just recently run her first 10k after trimming down from a size 18 to buy clothes in 10 to 12 sizes.

She shed 2st 5lbs with Slimming World after setting herself the challenge to get fit and down to a healthy weight.

Sally said: “I can’t believe I’ve just run my first 10k. I was always the overweight kid at school who would walk round the cross country course, rather than running round it. That would be a piece of cake now!

“I’ve always been overweight. From the age of about 10 I’ve had this battle with food- I just love it! I was always tucking into the wrong things, never realising how bad they were for me.”

Although Sally was overweight for 20 years, she said it never really made her miserable.

“Although I was overweight, I never really let it affect me too much. Although I always thought that it was my defining feature. At work or in interviews, I never thought I would be taken seriously because I was overweight. This was never the case, of course, but it was something that was always in the back of my mind.”

But when her size 18 jeans were getting tight, she knew it was time to do something - then a leaflet for Slimming World dropped through her door and she went to her first group and had a plan explained.

Sally added: “If you have a big appetite and love food, this is the plan for you! There are thousands of recipes for you to try, all of which are ‘normal’ recipes, just with a healthier spin on them. You really only change the cooking methods and a couple of alternatives for some ingredients. It’s so easy! It fits into family life too - the recipes are so yummy that no-one even knows that they are part of a weight-loss plan.

“My favourite is a really simple and healthy spaghetti bolognaise with actual beef- no meat substitutes- although you could do this if you like.

“Getting to my target weight was amazing. It felt incredible for me to go shopping and buy size 10s and 12s- in my head I never thought I’d be this size. I’ve met people since losing weight who I’ve known for a long time and some literally haven’t recognised me! My husband is extremely proud of my weight loss and is always showing people my ‘before’ photos.

Sally has re-launched the Wixams group as a consultant and it meets at Lakeside Village Hall, Brooklands Avenue, Wixams.