Search for relatives of Vickers Wellington pilot which crashed in 1941

Vickers Wellington.
Vickers Wellington.

People from Bedford are being asked for photos of an RAF hero hailing from the town, killed in action in North Wales during the Second World War.

On the night of March 21, 1941 a Vickers Wellington of 150 Squadron RAF was returning from a bombing raid on U-boat pens in Lorient, Brittany.

Damaged by German fighters, and lost, the plane hit the upper slopes of Moel Farlwyd, in North Wales, killing five of the six-man crew including Flying Officer (pilot) Charles Hamerton Elliot, aged 21, from Bedford.

Mel Thomas from Blaenau Ffestiniog, the town nearest the crash site, is trying to locate a relative of the officer as the Welsh town have created a plaque, and are planning to hold a memorial in honour of those who died that fateful night.

Mr Thomas said: “We made some plaques out of local slate and we raised £600 to hold a memorial service and lay the plaque in our local church. It would be great if we could get a photo of him for the poster at the church where the plaques will be placed. We are also hoping Flying Officer Elliot’s relatives will be able make it to the service.

Mr Thomas, a history project leader, added: “Older people from the town recall hearing a plane flying low overhead, and the revving of engines, then a huge bang. Remembering these brave lads is something that needs to be done as they made the ultimate sacrifice.

“The officer who survived the crash was so disorientated, that when the locals came to see if he was ok he actually put his hands up and surrendered as they were talking in Welsh, and he thought they were Germans.”

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