School ‘committed to broadening access’

Michael Hall, headmaster at Bedford Modern School.
Michael Hall, headmaster at Bedford Modern School.

Bedford Modern School hosted an unexpected visit by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

The inspectors focused on a small number of regulatory areas including equality measures and the handling of complaints when they visited earlier this month.

Headmaster Michael Hall wrote in a letter to parents and friends of the school: “In an unexpected and unnanounced inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) I am delighted to confirm that we were found to be compliant in all areas.

“The team was very complimentary about our students, having spoken to a number of them during the course of the day and praised the pastoral support in the school, describing it as highly effective.

“This re-inforces the findings of the full inspection published in January this year.”

On Bedford Modern’s website Mr Hall adds: “The school is committed to broadening access through our bursary scheme and enhancing our multi-cultural and socially mixed community, and, as such, we learn to respect and support one another.”

In the ISI integrated inspection report from early 2014 the overseers stated: “The quality of the pupils personal development is excellent with highly effective emphasis on their welfare, safeguarding and wellbeing. Relationships are excellent throughout the school.”

Under ‘Action Points, compliance with regulatory requirements’ inspectors noted: “The school meets all the requirements of the Independent Schools Standards regulations.”

The ISIS inspectors made their unannounced visit to Bedford Modern School on Thursday, June 5.