Scaffolder hailed a hero in rescue of man trapped at demoliton site

Shaun Morrison.
Shaun Morrison.

A Bedford scaffolder has been hailed a hero after saving a man’s life following a roof collapse at the old Town Hall building.

Shaun Morrison, 22, who was working on the demolition site, was among workers who rushed to free the injured worker who was trapped by the neck.

Demolition at old Town Hall, Bedford.

Demolition at old Town Hall, Bedford.

The accident, at the site just off St Paul’s Square where a number of buildings are being demolished as part of the Riverside North project, happened on Wednesday, April 23.

Shaun told the T&C: “There were three of us round the corner from where the roof came down and the wall toppled.

“The man who was injured was standing by the wall when it fell, tipping on to him and trapping him round the neck.

“We reacted seconds after it fell.

“When we first got round the corner to help him he wasn’t breathing as the scaffolding tube was pinned on to his neck which stopped him being able to breathe.

“Luckily I had the tools on me to remove the metal tube as the man looked lifeless, and the paramedics were still on their way to the site at that time.” He added: “I didn’t really think about it, I just wanted to help him.

“I knew that the wall could have fallen on all of us but if myself and two workmates ‘Slavi’ and Anthony Woodland hadn’t helped him I really think he would have died.”

Shaun’s dad Ian said: “Kids these days get a bad press but Shaun is a good lad and loves his job as a scaffolder.

“I’m just so proud of him. He just dived straight in there to help.

“He’s a hero in my book – if he hadn’t taken the metal tube off that man’s neck he would have died.”

Shaun then helped the paramedics who arrived on the scene, in lifting the injured man on to a spinal board.

The paramedics couldn’t reach the man as he was in a precarious position on the site and Shaun continued to assist the medics.

Hero Shaun said: “He was panicking a bit when he came round so we reassured him by saying things like; ‘You’ve got a holiday coming up soon mate.

“My boss said to me afterwards: ‘Well done’, but I just wanted to help.”

An air ambulance was called and landed nearby but the man was treated by paramedics at the scene before being taken to Bedford Hospital, where he remained this week.