Sarah to have head shaved in tribute to mother who lost cancer battle

Sarah Bewick, who is having her head shaved, with her sister Vicky Adams.
Sarah Bewick, who is having her head shaved, with her sister Vicky Adams.

A mum of two is having her head shaved for charity in tribute to her mother who lost her brave fight against cancer.

Sarah Bewick, who co-runs a family business called Stamp Addicts in Kempston, with her sister Vicky Adams, is having her hair cut off for Breast Cancer Care on Saturday, June 14.

Sarah said: “Mum was my best friend, I saw her most days and if not we usually spoke on the phone. We always went shopping together and often liked the same things so it was a case of if one of us saw something we loved we had to buy it quick before the other one saw it. I still miss her dreadfully.

“My husband Martin is very supportive - he has no hair! My 12-year-old daughter Annabel was also desperate to shave her head but we have managed to talk her out of it. My eight-year-old son Bailey says he will miss brushing my hair every night.

“It has just been the ninth anniversary of when my mum Carole Hendon, lost her battle with cancer. We have raised funds for this charity several times over the years but only in a small way so I decided it was time to do something bigger.

“Back in 1992 mum started Stamp Addicts which sells rubber stamps for cardmaking. My sister, Vicky and I both worked part time for the company off and on for several years until I went full time in 1998. It was only a few years after this that Mum had breast cancer.

“After a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy things seemed to get back for normal for approximately three years when the cancer came back, this time more aggressive.

“Mum lost her battle in 2005 - it was on the day I found out I was pregnant with my second child Bailey - his baby photos are the spitting image of Mums.”

“I hope that I and Stamp Addicts raises for Breast Cancer Care can make a difference to others.”

Sarah is hoping to raise £1000. To donate visit