Royal party to lead gala day parade during town’s festival

Ampthill Festival Queen.
Ampthill Festival Queen.

The royal party has been selected for Ampthill Festival.

The Ampthill Festival Queen, who was awarded the John Wilson Cup, is Hannah Fennell, 12 and her Princesses are Chloe Watson, 7, May Lawrence, 10, Roshni Patel, 13, and Alisha Conley, 11.

They are pictured with the Mayor of Ampthill Councillor Paul Duckett.

Prizes for the royal party include a beautiful cake for the Queen, flowers from Neville Floristry, soft toys from Fairies and Frogs, and goody bags from the Stationery boutique. There are many more from the Festival Committee.

The winners will lead the parade on Gala Day, Sunday, July 6.