Royal Academy honour for artist who can exhibit at Summer Exhibition

A section of Kristian Purcell's painting The May Queen.

A section of Kristian Purcell's painting The May Queen.

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A Bedford artist has been selected for a Royal Academy exhibtion held in London.

Kristian Purcell’s painting The May Queen has been chosen to be exhibited at the Royal Academy’s prestigious Summer Exhibition.

For almost 250 years the Summer Exhibtion has provided a barometer of the art of each age.

The world’s largest open call exhibition is open to established and emerging artists.

Kristian said: ”I feel honoured to have been selected to be part of such a prestigious exhibition.

“The pictures I use as a source for paintings are ones that have been with me for some time - either through my works at the Higgins or through my own personal collections of photographs, art and historical images.”

Kristian, who works from his studio at Bedford Creative Arts on Midland Road, Bedford, is in good company as past exhibitions have featured works by Gainsborough, Turner and Constable.

This year’s exhibition runs from June 19 until August 17.