Residents call for 20mph speed limit

Proposals have received a mixed reaction
Proposals have received a mixed reaction

Kill speed on our roads but don’t control parking – that’s the message Kempston has sent to council chiefs.

In a survey carried out by ward councillors James Valentine and Mohammed Nawaz, more than 1,200 people responded, with the majority wanting 20mph speed limits in place.

The councillors said they devised the survey in order to find a solution to the frequent complaints they receive about traffic and parking issues.

Councillor Valentine said: “The residents have sent us a very clear message – we need to get the traffic speeds down.”

Councillor Nawaz added: “Parking continues to be a problem, especially when people come home from work.

“A controlled parking zone wouldn’t have addressed this and we need to look for other solutions.”

Of the households in the area bounded by Bedford Road, Bunyan Road, Elstow Road and Spring Road, who responded, just 21 per cent wanted controlled parking but 73 per cent called for a lower speed limit.

The councillors previously supported two petitions for lower speed limits from residents in Thornton Street and Stuart Road, and are now in discussions with Borough Hall to implement a scheme covering the area.

Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson said: “As part of our wide ranging campaign to take real action on speeding on behalf of local communities, we have approved the reduction of speed limits on over 35 roads and introduced average speed cameras at hotspots.

“I am pleased to support the scheme and agreed that it should be implemented this financial year.”

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