Rally to protest over turbine plan

Nadine Dorries MP
Nadine Dorries MP

MP Nadine Dorries is to join a rally in Cranfield this weekend to oppose plans for a wind farm in the area.

If the scheme gets the green light, six turbines will be built around the perimeter of the former landfill site south-east of Cranfield.

Campaigners from the community action group Against Cranfield Turbines claim their positioning has been chosen entirely according to the geography on the ground and not where they will be able to catch the most wind.

An airship will be flown at turbine height, 300ft, to demonstrate the visual impact the project will could have on Cranfield and the surrounding villages.

Ms Dorries said: “I am happy to support local people in the fight to protect their villages from having these turbines imposed upon them.

“Wind farms are an overly-subsidised, inefficient form of generating power at the best of times. Putting one on this location aims to serve only the needs of the corporate landowner and not local people, the National Grid, or the taxpayer.”

The rally starts at 10.30am on Saturday at the junction of Lodge Road and Wood End Road, Cranfield.