Raids on cars in Great Denham leads to police warning


Motorists in Great Denham are being warned to protect their valuables after a series of car raids.

The warning comes after four reports were received of satellite navigation equipment, mobile phones, laptops and other valuables being taken from vehicles overnight from Wednesday, July 2 to Thursday, July 3.

The incidents happened in Anglia Way, Saxon Way and two in Downham Close where offenders have smashed the windows of the vehicles and taken the items.

Police are keen to urge motorists to ensure they remove all valuables from their vehicles and take them wherever they go.

A spokesman said: “This measure only takes a few minutes but by following this simple crime reduction advice it will ensure you avoid losing your possession, they say.

“Remember losing your mobile telephone, satellite navigation system is inconvenient, expensive and time consuming when making insurance claims, so officers are urging all motorists not to leave anything in their vehicles.”

The local policing team for Great Denham will be out and about completing house to house enquiries in the area and taking the opportunity to remind local residents for the need to be vigilant.

Here is some useful crime reduction advice that could help you keep your valuables safe:

Never leave valuables in your vehicle – take them with you.

Always park in a well lit area.

If your vehicle is fitted with an alarm – use it.

Always lock your vehicle.

If you have a satellite navigation system, remember to also remove the cradle and wipe way any marks left by the cradle.

Also think about emptying and leaving open the glove compartment – this way an offender won’t bother breaking in to your vehicle to see if you have hidden anything in there.

Don’t leave your handbag on the seat next to you.

Make sure your phone and other valuables are security marked and registered on