‘Project is what dad would have wanted’

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The family of a Bedford man who died last week are setting up a community cafe in his memory.

Thani Ram was born in Kenya, and lived in India, but spent most of his life in Bedford, he died suddenly on December 3 after suffering with a heart condition.

Mr Ram, 63 loved cooking and his daughter Gabriella and son-in-law James, who live in Miller Road, are honouring his memory by setting up Ram’s Cafe, which as well as serving the community will help homeless and needy people.

James said: “Our dad loved cooking, he would often cook more food than needed and would have to give it away to neighbours and friends.

“Any visitor to his home would not leave with an empty stomach.”

He added: “After he retired he wanted us to start something where he could help in the kitchen. There was talk of starting up a food place but now we plan to make it happen.”

And daughter Gabriella plans to have some of Mr Ram’s favourite dishes on the menu.

She said: “In the last weeks he taught me all his favourite dishes, like his famous Indian style pickle and his favourite curry.

“Everyone always said he was so friendly. He would stop people in the street that he only knew vaguely to ask how they were. When he went somewhere on the bus he would always end up laughing and joking with strangers.

“Dad once saw a homeless man begging, he sat on the floor with him to ask passers by to give to this homeless man.

“He loved feeding the homeless and hungry and this business will regularly provide food for the homeless and needy as well as they general public. If dad could have fed everyone he would have.”

The family are now exploring ways to fund the project as a social enterprise and are looking at crowd funding as a way to source the money they need.

To find out more about the project visit www.thaniram.co.uk

Mr Ram’s funeral will be held at Bedford Cemetery Chapel, in Norse Road on Monday, December 17 from 1.45pm.