Prime Minister admits he’ll read Mid Bedfordshire MP’s new book

Nadine Dorries MP
Nadine Dorries MP

Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries says she will send a free, signed copy of her debut novel to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, after he confessed his desire to read it.

He made the admission while speaking in the House of Commons during the weekly session of Prime Minister’s Questions earlier today.

Despite Ms Dorries having described Mr Cameron as an “arrogant posh boy” in the past, it seems the pair have decided to put aside their differences and start a clean sheet after the Prime Minister admitted he’ll be reading The Four Streets over the Easter parliamentary recess.

Ms Dorries said, “David and I have not always seen eye to eye as I disagreed with some of the things the coalition government has done since 2010.

“However he knows that I am fully supportive of the economic recovery that is starting to bring real benefits to my constituents.

“I take it as a personal compliment that he intends to read The Four Streets over Easter and I hope he thoroughly enjoys it”.

Last night, Ms Dorries hosted a book launch for The Four Streets at InterContinental Westminster in London where she was joined by celebrity guests and members of parliament.