Potty about repairing the roads

Who ‘ya gonna call if your road is full of pot holes? Bedford Borough Council’s Pot Hole Hit Squad of course!

The squad celebrates its second birthday this month, and in that time has repaired 7,500 potholes in the borough.

b13-015 Council pot hole hit squad

b13-015 Council pot hole hit squad

And the council have decided to invest even further in the scheme, by spending £79,000 on brand new vehicles, which the sqaud helped to design to make the system even better.

Dave Hodgson, the Mayor of Bedford, said: “It’s all about getting more pot holes filled in. In the last couple of years when we have had the Pot hole Hit Squad we have filled 7,500 pot holes and the year before that we only filled 1,800.

“We actually get a better quality of repair now and it costs £65 instead of £75, and it lasts longer.”

He added: “We are doing the major pot holes but we want to get as many done as we can.”

The Pot Hole Hit Squad service was launched in January 2011 and provides a response service carrying out permanent repairs to pot holes in the borough.

Now that the team has equipment enabling them to keep tar hot on the move, they can carry out permanent repairs and to do so in minutes. This means that roads no longer need temporary patching.

Mr Hodgson added: “Two years on from its launch, the Pot Hole Hit Squad continues to provide an excellent service for all road users. It has transformed the way that pot holes are dealt with in the Borough, carrying out more repairs, to a high standard, and all while getting better value for taxpayers.

“The new vehicles are not only eye-catching; they will also help the Pot Hole Hit Squad to work even more efficiently as they have been custom made to the Council’s specification.”

Local residents can report a pot hole by contacting the Highways Helpdesk on 01234 718003. All pot holes will be assessed on a priority basis.

To view videographer Natalee Hazelwood’s footage of the Pothole Hit Squad in action go to www.bedfordtoday.co.uk