Taking action against disgusting habits - Mayor of Bedford Dave Hodgson explains the campaign

Mayor Dave Hodgson.
Mayor Dave Hodgson.

Why anyone would want to spit on the floor in the street is beyond me, but sadly a number of people do it.

Spitting in the street is, of course, not only dirty and unhygienic, it is also a disgusting sight to see in our local environment.

After recent case law upheld the issuing of fines by councils for spitting and urinating in the street, we are proposing to introduce enforcement action here in Bedford borough.

This approach will only be supported by the courts if there is evidence of public backing for the introduction of the powers. So, if you agree that action should be taken against those who spit or urinate on our streets without a care for the other people of all ages who use those streets, please see the consultation online at www.bedford.gov.uk/whywouldyou or at Borough Hall, libraries or the Customer Service Centre.

This really is a selfish act, just like littering. When I became Mayor, the council did not carry out enforcement action against littering. It was clearly not acceptable that as a community we should turn a blind eye to the crime of littering, so we introduced a new campaign which began with an extensive information and education phase, followed by the current zero tolerance approach.

You can follow this ongoing campaign on the council website, which includes a list of the 608 fixed penalty notices for littering issued in the last year alone.

The vast majority of people manage to walk down the street without spitting on it, just as most people are able to use the bins rather than dropping their rubbish on the ground. People who don’t act in this deeply unpleasant manner tell me they would like to see action taken about those who do. If you agree, please make your voice heard.