Small businesses urged to file tax returns early

Tax issues
Tax issues

Small businesses across Bedford are being urged to file their self assessment tax returns early to avoid costly disappointment.

Andrew Logan. who runs TaxAssist Accountants in Bedford. said: “Local businesses must submit their online tax returns by January 31 or face an on the spot penalty of £100 for filing even a day late, even if they have no tax to pay or have paid the tax they owe.

“Filing early doesn’t mean you have to pay any tax due early, but if you are due a refund, HMRC will return this to you sooner.

“Make sure it’s you that earns the interest on any tax refunds, not the taxman.”

Andrew reminded business owners that the £100 late payment penalty is now automatic and would not be reduced, even if they paid their tax on time.

Returns which were three months late faced an additional £10 a day penalty up to a maximum of £900 and even harsher penalties applied if they were filed more than six months late.

TaxAssist Accountants in Bedford is a local business operating across the region, providing tax and accountancy advice and services purely to small businesses.