Rail commuters meet with Shadow Minister

Patrick Hall with Penny Fletcher and Lilian Greenwood at Bedford rail station.
Patrick Hall with Penny Fletcher and Lilian Greenwood at Bedford rail station.

The Shadow Minister for Transport paid a visit to Bedford to meet rail commuters.

Labour’s Lillian Greenwood MP visited Bedford rail station yesterday, Wednesday, to hear the concerns of rail users.

Ms Greenwood said: “One of the issues I have heard today is the need for an integrated transport system in Bedford.

“It’s about using transport infrastructure to drive growth.

“The cost of rail fares is a major issue – I can understand why people feel it is important, especially with the rising cost of living.

“With a rail season ticket to London costing over £4,000 it might cost more than your mortgage.

“Labour has worked hard over the last four years listening to the general public about railways. A Labour government needs to ensure that railway money is used in the best possible way.”

Arthur Taylor, from Flitwick and chairman of Bedford Commuters Association said: “A lot of people in Bedford commute to London.

“The government should look at restricting fare price rises. They scrapped the price rises in petrol duty – why not have a level playing field and have a cap on train price rises?”

Penny Fletcher, Labour Mayoral candidate, said: “Bedford needs a lift in its transport infrastructure. There is also no real connect between the bus station and Bedford train station.”

Patrick Hall, prospective Labour Parliamentary candidate who chaired the meeting said: “There are many issues that need to be looked into including the cost of season tickets.”

Ms Greenwood added: “I will be using the discussions I have had today to raise some of the issues with the relevant authorities.”