Labour selects former Bedford Modern pupil to fight North East Beds seat

Saqhib Ali selected to fight the North East Beds Parliamentary seat for Labour in the 2015 General Election.

Saqhib Ali selected to fight the North East Beds Parliamentary seat for Labour in the 2015 General Election.

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Labour has selected a former Bedford Modern School pupil to fight the North East Beds seat at next year’s General Election.

A crowded selection meeting in Biggleswade saw Saqhib Ali, 43, chosen to fight the seat currently held by MP Alistair Burt.

Saqhib, who has lived in Bedfordshire since the age of 8, describes himself as ‘a passionate campaigner’, having worked tirelessly for the benefit of the various communities he has called home over the past years.

Saqhib will work closely with neighbouring Labour candidates Patrick Hall (Bedford & Kempston) and Charlynne Pullen (Mid-Beds) during their campaigns.

Saqhib has lived in Bedfordshire since he was eight, and attended Woodside Middle School, Bedford Modern School through the Government Assisted Places scheme, followed by the University of Leeds where he obtained a BSc (Hons).

Now a qualified accountant with an MBA from the University of Cranfield, he works in Bedford in financial services.

Saqhib said: “I am a firm supporter of equal rights and opportunities for all, especially the many thousands of low paid and part-time workers, and everyone else affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

“Over the past four years I have watched this Tory-led government systematically dismantle all that Labour achieved and I am determined to help correct that.

“I want to see economic growth, more local employment and a better choice of affordable housing, both social and private and, particularly, a stronger, more

sustainable, Bedford Hospital.

“Having been out of work myself and gone through a marriage breakdown, I can empathise with the many people in a similar situation. I, too, have lived in a bedsit, taken in lodgers, struggled as a single parent with work, childcare and making ends meet.

“I want everyone to understand that Labour is the party for all – irrespective of class, income, nationality or religion – putting fairness and social justice at its core.”