Police: Help us to tackle crime fears

Cllr Adrien Beardmore.
Cllr Adrien Beardmore.

Police are appealing for help in the wake of a string of anti social incidents around The Grange, Addision Park and Marlborough Park areas of Kempston.

The most serious complaints involve suspected drug dealing in the car park and people breaking into sheds at the allotments at Addison Park and Marlborough Park.

There are also concerns about vehicles whose drivers blast out loud music.

Councillor Adrien Beardmore said: “Residents are complaining about the anti- social behaviour which is also frightening dog walkers.

“It’s not only the Grange, it’s the allotments with people breaking things and trampling over plants.

“We have asked the police for more patrols. Our local PC Josh Tonkin has been brilliant but I know that the police just haven’t got the manpower. It’s been going on for most of this year.

“I think it’s because it is a quiet spot to hang around for teenagers.”

The Local Policing Team confirmed residents’ concerns led to police sending letters to householders in the area asking if they had witnessed any crimes being committed and to contact the team if they had any concerns.

PC Josh Tonkin said: “We will continue to ensure any anti-social behaviour or crimes are addressed.

“If any residents have information on this we would encourage them to contact the Local Policing Team on 101.”