Police commissioner to meet world’s leading academics in US leadership course

Beds PCC Olly Martins

Beds PCC Olly Martins

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Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins is to join senior public sector leaders from across the UK for an internationally-recognised leadership training course in the US.

Commissioner Martins will travel to Boston, Massachusetts, later this month for the Future Vision programme which is organised and funded by the Local Government Leadership Centre.

The course is specifically designed for senior figures across the public sector including those from policing, education, local government, health and the civil service. Participation is by invitation or nomination only and offers candidates the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading academics.

Commissioner Martins was encouraged to accept a place on the course by local Conservative councillor Richard Stay, who is a trustee of the Centre and Hertfordshire’s PCC, David Lloyd, who took part in the course last year.

Commissioner Martins completed the initial phase of the course in the UK earlier this year. The Boston element will take place over five days from October 27 and will involve presentations and teaching input from both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Commissioner Martins said: “I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity by the Local Government Leadership Centre and to learn from such highly-respected academics.

“This course is aimed at equipping leaders with the knowledge and practical expertise they need to deliver better public services for less money, including the important role technology can play in increasing efficiency. It will also help us to remove the barriers between different sectors and demonstrate how we can work together in the future to achieve better outcomes for the public.

“The first phase of the course was highly relevant in terms of our financial position here in Bedfordshire. The insight I will gain through the remainder of the programme will be invaluable for future decision-making and I hope to return with a fresh understanding of what’s needed to enhance the way agencies and communities work jointly to reduce harm in Bedfordshire.”

Bedfordshire Police is being transformed by how it is responding to the challenge of reducing finances. But it is clear that the cuts are going to continue into the next Parliament. So the next phase of this journey for the public sector will be about how much more efficient and effective different agencies can be by working together, pooling resources and how their duties are used to better serve the public. That’s what the Future Vision programme is all about.”