Pinchmill pupils solve mystery with posters and news reports

Pinchmill Lower School, crime solving day.
Pinchmill Lower School, crime solving day.

A special literacy day at Pinchmill Lower School, Felmersham, saw pupils turn into detectives as they worked to solve a ‘crime’.

Was it murder or robbery, was the question posed on Tuesday, November 10? The children spent the day finding clues, solving mysteries and putting together all of the evidence to solve a crime. All children from reception to year 4 were involved in a day of literacy, producing wanted posters and news reports using the information they had discovered throughout the day.

Headteacher Vaness Coleman said: “The day proved to be great fun for the children who used finger printing, magnifying glasses and electronic microscopes, along with a range of evidence and clues, to help in their detective roles. They considered the evidence and came up with the identification of the criminal!

“Everyone enjoyed the day and worked brilliantly together enabling them the children to go home at the end of the day feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that they knew who had done it!”