Parents bid to save school

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Parents have embarked on a fundraising drive to save a pre-school from closure.

Zig Zag Pre-School, based in Clophill, is currently based in the village hall but is hoping to raise a considerable amount of money to create its own purpose-built building.

The school, which is run by a group of mums, is now looking at arranging a number of fundraising events and to kick off the campaign a group of mums have got together and will be running the Flitwick 10k race in April.

Victoria Higgins, whose daughter attends the pre-school and is on the fundraising committee, said: “If we don’t do something then the pre-school will fold.

“We are in a catch 22 really because we need more children for the staff and we need the staff for more children.

“We want to increase our opening hours, but to be able to pay our staff we need more children. I think Clophill really needs the pre-school, it is the only one in the village and we want to keep our children in Clophill rather than send them elsewhere because that will just be the start of the village dying.”

The pre-school currently looks after 30 children, and is open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and all day Tuesday. It currently needs to raise around £3,000 per quarter to run the group.

It is in talks with St Mary’s Lower School in Clophill about the opportunity of 
creating a building on the school’s premises, but it will depend on how much money it can raise.

Committee member Abbie Warner added: “It’s not just financial donations we want, it’s any form of help whether it’s people donating pieces of equipment or people organising fundraising events.

“We want to get the word out there, raise our profile and try and raise as much money as possible, so that we can either fund a new building or improve the environment of the building we use at the moment.”

If anyone would like to get involved they can email Abbie at