Bernard’s back on his old bus

Bernard Allen reunited with his bus

Bernard Allen reunited with his bus

A pensioner has been reunited with the staff bus he drove for ten years nearly 50 years ago.

Bernard Allen, from Bedford, left London Brick Company after driving the staff bus for a decade - and he never thought he would be sitting in the vehicle again.

His family decided to hunt down the old bus when Bernard started to reminisce about his job as a bus driver and showed them a photo of his as a young man next to the vehicle.

Bernard drove the AEC RT bus every day from the old Stewartby Brickworks site to Bedford and back again.

His son Roy was struck by the way his dad spoke of the bus and started some internet research.

And he was shocked to find that the bus had been bought and restored by the Ensign Bus Company in Purfleet, Essex, and was in running condition.

He said “Even though I only had part of the registration number, the unique feature of Dad’s bus was the Craven body which had seven windows upstairs.

“I knew immediately that this was the same bus.”

Roy then contacted Steve Newman from Ensign who invited Bernard to their Vintage Running Day, where all of the Vintage buses take part in the normal bus timetable.

Bernard said: “It was a very emotional day, I thought that the bus had been scrapped years ago but she was running beautifully and she was in original condition, she even had the same engine.

“I never thought I would sit behind the wheel again. I am very grateful to Ensign and the Newman family for such a fantastic experience”.




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