New Bedford vinyl stall sounds promising after pop-up shop success

Darren Harte of Bedford.
Darren Harte of Bedford.

A vinyl trader who displayed his records at Bedpop has started a market stall on Fridays - opposite the old premises of Bedford’s last dedicated music shop on Midland Shop.

Darren Harte, who runs Vinyl Barn, is delighted with his new stall which came about through the success of his Bedpop event.

He said: “I had my best day’s trading in three years at Bedpop and it made me realise that there is a huge demand for a record outlet.

“The market inspectors and Bedpop have been really helpful. I love my job but I can’t afford a record shop so it’s good to have a market stall - and make a bit of money too.”

Darren, who stocks around 1,000 vinyl records 0n his stall which he plans to run weekly, has a passion for vinyl.

He said: “There’s something about vinyl that attracts people. It’s a solid thing and you can enjoy the artwork which is something you can’t really do with a CD. My first day trading here in Bedford has been a solid start.

“I’ve sold a bit of everything really - reggae, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden. I think there’s a passion for vinyl in Bedford. I’ve had a few people who had told me today that it’s good to have a record place back.”

Dave Crane, who was enjoying a visit to the stall said: “For music lovers it’s vital to have a record outlet in Bedford.”

Another happy customer Dave Lewis said: “I’m the editor of a Led Zeppelin magazine called ‘Tight but Loose’ and I think it’s great that Bedford has a place where you can buy records again apart from charity shops.”

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