New Bedford service takes your old mattress

Recycling EMN-140423-140634001
Recycling EMN-140423-140634001

Old mattresses: you can’t give them away, you don’t want to stick them in landfill.

Now, a new service is being launched which solves the dilemma faced by people who have been looking for an environmentally-friendly way of disposing of their used mattresses.

Bedford’s The ReUse Centre has teamed up with a recycling partner to reduce the number of mattresses which end up in landfill.

The ReUse Centre chief officer Mark Thompson said: “We are always happy to receive donations of used mattresses provided they have fire labels and are free of stains and tears.

“But sometimes you have a mattress which does not meet those criteria and you still need to get rid of it.”

Mr Thompson said after collection, the mattresses are manually taken apart and the materials separated for recycling.

Textiles are sold to UK manufacturers, steel is sent for re-processing and foam will be granulated for use in padding and underlayment products.

Any clean wood is re-processed for chipboard while contaminated wood and fabrics are used to create energy from waste.

Prices start at £20 per mattress, including collection, within 8 miles of Bedford.

Prices are reduced for increased quantities of mattresses.

For more information, call 01234 353 578