Nadine Dorries: What are the odds?

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Political pundit claims Mid Beds MP will keep her seat because of David Cameron’s perception problem with female voters.

Jungle MP Nadine Dorries is rated at 8/11 to not be re-elected as an MP at the next General Election, according to bookmakers this week.

The Mid Bedfordshire Conservative MP has sparked controversy with her decision to appear on ITV show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here while Parliament is in session.

And bookmakers Ladbrokes was offering slim odds on her not being re-elected at the next election on its website this week.

Bets on offer included:

10/1: Nadine leaves the Conservative Party and joins the UK Independence Party;

20/1: Nadine resigns her Parliamentary seat before the end of the year;

100/1: Senior Conservative MP Eric Pickles to meet Nadine at the airport.

All of these bets have now been removed from the Ladbrokes website.

However, punters can still on her to become the next Prime Minister at 500/1, and on her to be the next permanent leader of the Conservative Party at 200/1.

Mike Smithson, who runs the Bedford-based website, predicted that Nadine would keep her seat.

He added: “The Conservative Party is in a difficult position. I think she will be quietly told to shut up, and she will do so for a few months.

“The big question is Nadine’s constituency party and how they view her, that’s where the danger lies.

“There might be the possibility of deselection now, and my feeling is that they have never been quite comfortable with her as their MP.”

He added: “If Nadine did get de-selected she could then go and join UKIP.

“That is what the Tories want to avoid, because they don’t want to give anything to UKIP who are advancing quite strongly now.

“She could also survive because she is a woman, and losing her could send a very serious message about women in the Conservative Party.

“All the polling suggests that Labour are doing better among women voters, and David Cameron in particular has got a problem with women voters.”