Missing puppy Charlie has been found hiding in a garden

Charlie the puppy missing in Kempston.
Charlie the puppy missing in Kempston.

The owner of a puppy which went missing in a Kempston park has been reunited with her beloved pet.

Charlie the collie went missing in Addison Park when he was scared by a firework, on Tuesday.

His owner Jane Spendelow said: “He had been hiding in a garden round the corner from us for the last two days.

“He was extremely thirsty and desperately pleased to see us but otherwise unharmed and healthy.

“We can’t believe that he has hidden there all that time. A lovely lady spotted him and called me and then refused to take the reward we’d been offering - that’s a real dog lover for you!

“Thank you so much to everyone that has helped us to find him - we couldn’t have done it without all the amazing support from everyone.