Men threatened to kill woman’s dog

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A young mum was left terrified after she claims three men threatened to steal her dog and slice his throat open.

Kaylee Timms, who lives in Flitwick, was walking her dog at Flitwick Wood last Tuesday at around 1pm when the three men with an “aggressive” Staffordshire Bull Terrier white dog approached her.

One of the men picked up her dog and told her she could not get it back unless she gave them money.

And he only let go of her one-year-old dog Rocky, which was also a staffie, when she threatened to call the police, but he said “next time she wouldn’t be so lucky, and indicated he would cut his throat.

Full-time mum Kaylee, 22, said: “I was absolutely terrified, I really thought they were going to take him. It sounds mad but I didn’t really feel scared for myself, more for Rocky.

“I knew it was the dog they were after, they didn’t want anything from me.

“If I didn’t threaten to call the police then Rocky wouldn’t be here now.”

The incident has been reported to police, and they are now warning anyone who may know anything or who have been involved in a similar incident to come forward.

Reliving the ordeal Kaylee said: “I was just walking along and I had let Rocky off his lead.

“He was running a bit in front of me and I saw three men in the distance with a dog.

“I was about to put the lead on him, but by the time I reached Rocky they had picked him up.

“I won’t let Rocky off his lead now. I know it sounds mean, but if there was someone threatening to hurt children parents wouldn’t let them go off on their own.”

If anyone has any information they should call Beds Police on 101.