Marathon run for healthier hearts

Emma Else
Emma Else

A woman who has shed nearly 14 stone is taking on her first London Marathon.

As Emma Else, from Bedford, entered her 40s, she weighed 24 stone, had high blood pressure and swollen ankles.

And with a family history of high cholesterol she realised she needed to make changes.

The occupational health nurse embarked on a healthy diet and fitness regime, which three years later sees her weighing just 10 stone and ready to run 26.2 miles.

She said: “I was morbidly obese, leading a completely sedentary life and doing no exercise whatsoever. The type of foods I ate were not bad – I just simply ate too much.

“I also had a family history of heart disease and diabetes. My grandparents had heart conditions and my father had angina and high cholesterol from his early fifties, requiring a coronary artery bypass graft and going on to have a further heart attack.

“All in all the odds were stacked against me.”

It was when her husband, Neale decided he would lose weight, Emma was able to commit to her achieving her goal. She added she started running when he prepared for his first marathon in 2012.

Emma is now in the final stages of her training for the race, on April 13. She is raising money for Heart UK - The Cholesterol Charity.

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