Man tries to lure girl, 12

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School bosses and the police have issued a warning to parents after reports that a man attempted to lure a 12-year-old schoolgirl into his car on Monday.

The girl, who was walking to a bus stop in Bromham to attend lessons at Lincroft Middle School in Oakley at around 8am, was approached by a man in a silver car and offered a lift. She declined, but when she got to school she told teachers about the incident who reported it to the police and sent a text message to parents to warn them.

One mum, who we agreed not to name, said: “It scares the hell out of you, especially with what’s going on with missing April.

“You send them out of the house at 7.45am and have no contact til the evening. Anything could happen in those hours. It puts you on edge and I don’t think it’s only the schools that should be advised.”

She added: “I wouldn’t let me son walk to the shops on his own anymore.”

Following the incident Bedfordshire Police urged parents and pupils to be cautious, but claimed that there was no crime to investigate at this time.

Julie Brasier, speaking for the school, said: “The school informed the police straightaway and notified all schools in the immediate area. All staff and parents were sent text messages within minutes of the incident being reported, including reassurance that the children living in Bromham had all been accounted for.

“This was followed up with a letter in which families have been asked to remind their children to walk in groups wherever possible and to be extra vigilant. The School Safeguarding team has reinforced this with pupils in their form groups and assemblies so that children remain very aware of stranger danger and know how they can keep themselves safe.”