Man in drug gang has assets seized including Spanish villa


A man from Greenfield is among a gang who have had assets confiscated under the Proceeds of Crime Act, following a court hearing.

A confiscation order resulting in the forfeiture of cash and assets totalling over half a million pounds has been enforced on a drug gang.

Officers from the Eastern Region Specialist Operations Unit – ERSOU ran operation Herald in 2012 – which resulted in six members of the gang receiving over 30 years in custody.

A confiscation hearing Wednesday, April 9, at St Albans Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act – which permits police to seize assets obtained by criminal means – has now resulted in the gang having assets seized - including cash totalling £563,798.14, two Spanish Villas, a Villa in Florida and a number of houses in the UK along with jewellery and cars.

Sean Davie, 45, from Greenfield, had assets totalling £291,976.14 seized at St Albans Crown Court including:

A Spanish villa

A large detached house in the UK



Davie was jailed in March last year after he pleaded guilty to three offences of conspiracy to supply cocaine, conspiracy to import amphetamine and money laundering.

Three other men, from Liverpool and Essex, also had assets seized.

Detective Inspector Gary Atkinson, from ERSOU, said: “The individuals involved in this gang operated with no regard for the law and had no morals about the lavish lifestyles they were leading and how they fuelled their luxurious indulgences. To them, their criminal wrongdoings were merely business transactions which would fuel the addictions of vulnerable people across the country, particularly in East Anglia.

“Not only were all six members of the gang handed heavy custodial sentences, but now they have paid, quite literally in a monetary value as the assets they had obtained through their immoral and illegal dealings have been forfeited. Let this be a strong message to would be criminals – crime does not pay, we will find you and disrupt your criminal behaviour and you will pay a heavy price.”

Vanessa Kemp, financial investigator, who led on the financial investigations as part of Operation Herald, said: “This gang lived extremely lavish and extravagant lifestyles for several years as a result of their criminality. However, they have paid the price by now losing everything they have obtained through criminal means. Operation Herald should pose as a classic example to would be criminals thinking that crime pays – it doesn’t and we will catch up with you.”