Lost Victorian mourning ring is reunited with family

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An old mourning ring that was worn by a man’s niece after he died in a boating accident has been reunited with its family.

The gold mourning ring was found by treasure hunter Ashley Bossendorfer last October in a field just outside Wilden.

The ring had the word ‘uncle’ spaced out on the outside and on the inside it was inscribed ‘Alfred Peacock died 30th May aged 23 years old’.

After doing some research Ashley found that Alfred Peacock was among three who died in a boat accident in 1867.

The T&C reported on the find and appealed for anyone who thought they may know who the ring belonged to get in touch.

Following that report the ring has now been returned to the family. After reading the article in the T&C, Sheri Jeffries got in touch with us, believing that the ring may have belonged to her family.

After conducting a lot of research she now holds the ring, and has even found other members of her family who got in touch following the discovery.

Sheri believes that her great, great, great grandmother was Alfred’s niece, Annie Peacock, who would have been wearing the ring,

Sheri said: “When I first heard about this I wasn’t really that bothered, but the more I have looked into it the more fascinating it has become.

“The Peacock family are on my dad’s side. It’s been very confusing because back then parents called their children the same name as them. So there were loads of Annies that the ring could have belonged to.

“I’m so pleased that we have done all this research and it is now back in the family. I was thinking about handing it over to a museum, but there’s no way now I want it to leave the family.

“We think that Annie would have been working on the farm when she lost the ring. The Peacocks were quite well off and owned a lot of farmland in Bedfordshire.”

Alfred was one of a group of five lads who had gone on a rowing boat on the River Great Ouse in St Neots when one of them stood up. This caused the boat to capsize and Alfred, along with two others, died.

Through our article Sheri is now in touch with two other long-lost relative from the Peacock family, Bob Westley and Louise Mardlin.

They believe that Annie Peacock was Louise’s great, great grandmother and another sister of Alfred, Emma Peacock would have been Bob’s great grandmother.