VIDEO: Hundreds protest against lapdancing venue

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Hundreds of people lined the town centre in Ampthill last night (Monday) to protest against the opening of a lapdancing club.

The People of Ampthill gathered outside the proposed venue in Church Street at 6.30pm to hear speeches from campaign organiser Matthew Dear, protestor Jenny Pelling and deputy town mayor Paul Duckett, who is also a Central Beds Councillor.

Mr Dear told the crowd he felt that Central Beds Council had let the town down by granting John Shayler the Sex Entertainment Venue (SEV) licence in July.

He said: “We are here because something is happening right here, in that building, that our council should and could have refused to allow.

“These are people who owe their privileged position to our votes - yours and mine. And they owe a solemn duty to exercise power in our name - to represent the views of the people who elected them.

“This they failed to do. The views of one fancy lawyer carried more weight than the hundred or so people who took the trouble to say what the thousands of people who signed the petition were thinking.”

A petition with more than 2,300 signatures was handed over to the ward councillor for Ampthill Mr Duckett, who will present the petition to a meeting of Central Beds Council on November 29.




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