Three Amigos seek new home after suffering horrific conditions

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Three foals which were rescued from horrific conditions are on the hunt for a new home.

The trio, dubbed The Three Amigos by RSPCA inspectors, have recovered from their ordeal to become firm friends.

Davey was found in a field in Bedfordshire by inspectors on an emergency call. He was abandoned in a field with another foal, which had to be put down after it collapsed in a ditch.

Charlee and Oscar were rescued from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, in Leicestershire. Both were with other ponies in such a terrible condition they had to be put down.

But now recovered, the threesome is looking for a foster, or permanent home.

RSPCA equine inspector Polly Underwood said: “These three little foals have had an appalling start to life. One was found standing with a dying foal in a ditch, another dumped with his starving mother, and the third was tethered to a telegraph pole so tight he couldn’t move.”

“They’ve only been in our care for a short time but they have flourished. They are three playful, cheeky, wonderful little chaps with a really bright future ahead of them.

“They have become good friends so it would be lovely to be able to keep them together as they will keep each other company as they grow.”

The trio are currently being cared for by staff at stables in Warwickshire

If you can offer a foster home, or a permanent home to the Three Amigos, or one of the ponies, please contact 0300 1238877.




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