Stage school seeks new talent

Despite what TV talent shows might have you think, the best way to become an actor or pop star is by learning your craft from a young age.

And now keen young performers can learn from one of the best at a newly-formed stage school.

Experienced actor, singer and teacher Philippa Yeates is holding an open morning for children aged five to 16 who are interested in joining her school, in Harrold.

She hopes after just one hour they can put on a short show for their parents and carers.

She said: “I have been performing since I was nine-years-old. Since leaving stage school, when I’m not performing, I’m teaching!

“Often children will start by being shy in a corner but by the end of a term they are singing and dancing with the best of them. And if ultimately they do not want to go into show business, the confidence and poise young people get from theatre training will benefit them in whatever career they decide to persue.”

Philippa, 31, moved to Harrold from Brighton in October. Previously she taught at London’s Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, which spawned stars of the stage and music industries including Pixie Lott and Hetti Bywater, the latest incarnation of Lucy Beale in Eastenders.

In addition to stage roles and commercials, Philippa has also worked on EastEnders and Dawson’s Creek.

The Philippa Yeates Theatre School will be holding sessions on Saturday mornings at The Harrold Centre, in the High Street. Students can look forward to performing in two shows a year and end-of-term-reviews.

Philippa said she will be adding classes to the timetable to meet demand, including adult classes.

The open morning is on Sunday, December 15, from 10am to 11.30am, at The Harrold Centre. For more information call 01234 721130, or email theatreschool@live.com




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