Police: we are tackling winter taxi crimewave

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Victims who have reported car break-ins to police are being reassured officers are taking action.

Queens Park ward councillor Mohammad Yasin says he has been contacted by a string of taxi drivers whose cars have been vandalised. They have told him that despite reporting the incidents nothing is being done.

Cllr Yasin said: “In the last couple of weeks, at least 15 taxis have been broken into in Queen’s Park and more in other areas of Bedford.

“It costs about £200 to replace one window of each taxi and a whole day’s work is lost while it is repaired.

“Unfortunately, victims feel the police have not taken this matter seriously and the offenders are still at large looking for new victims.

“I am asking the police to take quick and immediate action and arrest the offenders as the best place for them is behind bars.”

But a Bedfordshire police spokeswoman said yesterday officers are tackling the car crimewave.

She said: “Bedfordshire Police has received 21 reports of theft from motor vehicles in the Bedford and Kempston areas since the beginning of November. Each report has been recorded and is being taken seriously with an on-going investigation taking place.

“During dark winter nights Bedfordshire Police often records a higher number of this type of crime as offenders use the hours of darkness to force entry in to vehicles having seen something of value through the windows.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind motorists not to leave valuables in their vehicles overnight; cash, clothing, sat nav mounts, mobiles and PDAs should be removed to deter thieves.”




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