Nadine Dorries to lead Parliamentary debate on abortion

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Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries has been selected to lead a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on abortion.

The Conservative MP will lead the debate on lowering the legal limit at which abortion procedures can be carried out.

The current limit is 24 weeks, but Ms Dorries advocates lowering the legal limit to 20 weeks.

She previously led an attempt to change the law in Parliament in 2008.

Ms Dorries said, “A small percentage of abortions are carried out after 20 weeks so this will have limited effect on a woman’s legitimate right to choose.

“However, it is not right that in maternity wards across the country doctors are fighting to save the lives of premature babies born at 20 weeks while in the next room abortions are being performed up to 24 weeks.

“The law at the moment is facilitating this tragic discrepancy and it is time MPs returned to the issue and made the much needed change.”

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