Filipino aid collectors see the gifts from Bedford area despatched

Tess Bright and Charley Mayes.

Tess Bright and Charley Mayes.

A woman from Kempston was among a group of people who have helped send a massive load of aid to the Philippines.

Charley Mayes and her friend Tess Bright travelled to Wisbech to see their collection of aid being loaded onto containers before despatch.

The load contained goods collected around the Bedford area.

Charley said: “Massive thanks go to Tracey Woods and Kayleigh Cullen who helped me hugely. On November 23 myself and Tess Bright - a new Filipino friend I’ve made through doing this - travelled up to Wisbech to witness two containers get loaded with donations from all over the country, Bedford being one of them.”

As well as TV crews, the event was attended b American servicemen and women from a local air base and other Filipinos who laid on food and water.

Charley added: “It was an amazing day, full of all sorts of emotions from joy to sadness.

“We spent three hours lifting box after box and bag after bag into the containers hired from K Line by a couple called Gary and Evelyn who kindly paid out of their own pocket to get these containers to the Philippines.

“They are on their way to Cebu and should reach their destination early January 2014.

Charley added: “It’s been very hard work, collecting, arranging, sorting and re packing the items from Bedfordshire but was well worth the effort knowing a piece of the Bedford people will help out so many unfortunate people in the Philippines and it’s been a huge pleasure and honour to have played a part in doing that.”




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