Fans welcome One Direction to Cardington Sheds as the boyband film video

One Direction (1D) leave Cardington Hangers with a Police Escort.

One Direction (1D) leave Cardington Hangers with a Police Escort.

Crowds of fans lined the roads near Cardington for one of the world’s biggest boybands - One Direction.

Special report by Layth Yousif

Hundreds of fans have assembled at Cardington Sheds this week in the hope of glimpsing their idols One Direction who are filming in the hangars.

Passionate fans of all ages have gathered to show their support for the group.

Mum Dannii Ruff, from Bedford, who was there with her three children, Megan, ten, Amie, seven, and Noah two said: “I am here because the kids wanted to come along - honestly! The kids spent two hours making all their posters, they’ve been so excited at the chance of seeing One Direction.”

Dannii’s seven year year old daughter Georgia said:” I got into One Direction after they were on the X-Factor [in 2010] amd because my daddy used to dance to their music. I like Niall, Harry and Liam the best.”

Dannii who has been to the Hangars for the last three days said:“It’s been great here, it’s been a really nice atmosphere - all the kids have singing One Direction songs. Everyone has been in a really good mood and when they’ve been driving off there’s been no pushing or shoving from the crowd.”

Dannii’s friend Becky Scott, also from Bedford, who came to the site with her eight year-old daughter Georgia said:” I’m here for my daughter as she loves them. It has actually been really good fun as we’ve been coming to see them all week.

Alex Jonas, and her friend Jamie Smith, both of Bedford, have both been regular early evening visitors this week. She said: “We came last night and stayed for a couple of hours. We saw Niall leave - it was great - the whole crowd were screaming! It was brilliant seeing him.

“It has been amazing here, excited kids have been climbing nearby trees to get a better look and when the guys drove out they all started squealling. We are planning to stay for a long time tonight!”

But at least one person isn’t there for One Direction. Alex’s friend Jamie, 24, said loyally: “I’m only here out of support for my friend Alex!”

The hugely popular group made up of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson who finished third in the X-Factor in 2010 were at Cardington Sheds filming a new music video, ahead of their widely anticipated 69 world shows starting in May, labelled the ‘Where We Are Tour’.

Hundreds of fans congregated on Wednesday outside the main entrance on the A600 in the chance of witnessing their idols in the flesh.

One Direction member Harry Styles, in a veiled reference to the Hangars, tweeted to his 20 million followers on Monday:‘Just hanging around today...’

Nearby residents spoke of recent activity in which trucks and music lighting equipment being delivered to the property, which has now been closed to the public, with security guards in evidence to ward off encroaching fans.

One Direction, signed to music guru Simon Cowell’s label SYCO have won two BRIT Awards, claiming their first with “What Makes You Beautiful” for Best British Single at the 2012 BRIT Awards.

They have also won three NME awards, two Kids’ Choice Awards, and four MTV Video Music Awards.




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