Bridge mess leads to ownership hunt

Pedestrian footbridge at St Leonard's Avenue, Bedford, showing mess.

Pedestrian footbridge at St Leonard's Avenue, Bedford, showing mess.

Mystery surrounds the ownership of a public bridge which had become a tipping point for rubbish and human waste.

The stinking mess - which was brought to the attention of the T&C by a nearby resident - has been cleaned up as a gesture for residents by Bedford Borough Council.

The steps lead from St Leonard’s Avenue, giving pedestrians access to London Road in Bedford.

Christopher Freeman, who lives nearby and regularly walks past the bridge steps, said some residents had cleared it up in the past but had stopped.

He said: “I don’t know who is leaving this mess. All this rubbish just collects other rubbish. I have to walk past this to go to the shop and children have to walk past to go to school.

“The street signs include the words ‘street pride’ which is a joke.”

However, the mess has recently been cleaned up by the borough council.

A council spokesman said: “The council does not own the steps in question and is therefore not responsible for its cleaning.

“However, as a one off and at the request of local residents, the council has cleaned the steps.

“We are investigating the ownership of the steps to help ensure they are maintained in the future.”




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