BREAKING NEWS: Bus loses roof after hitting low bridge in Bedford

Bus loses roof in Bedford.

Bus loses roof in Bedford.

A double decker bus crashed into a low bridge on Elstow Road, Kempston, just before 9am this morning, completely slicing the roof off.

A police spokeswoman confirmed there were no casualties as the bus was empty except for the driver who escaped unscathed.

Ironically the sign at the front of the bus reads: “Bus Not in Service...”.

A spokesperson for Stagecoach East said: “An out of service vehicle was involved in an incident in which it collided with a low bridge on Elstow Road at around 8.30am today (Thursday, May 22). There were no passengers on the vehicle at the time and the road is not part of any of our routes.

“The driver was not injured although there has been significant damage caused to the bus. Safety is our absolute priority and we will investigate the circumstances of this incident as a matter of urgency. “




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