Bedford Indonesian Day to support orangutans



Bedford holds its first ever Indonesian day on Sunday in support of the country’s orangutans.

Ten days before Christmas the restaurant China Potts in Greyfriars will be transformed into a Christmas story telling hub, where everyone will share their stories, dreams, hopes and wishes for Christmas.

Visitors will be welcomed to share stories about the jungle, the orangutans and the native Indonesian tribes.

The Orangutan Protection Foundation (OPF) will bring a Christmas box full with hairy wishes for everyone who is curious to pick his luck for the New Year.

OPF will have a stall themed hairy Christmas wishes for a better humanity

Local businesses and school children are specially invited to visit OPF’s stall. Everyone will be invited to participate in a drawing competition, themed – “Make the orang-utan your treetop star this year”.

For people still looking for Christmas presents OPF will offer original Christmas cards and special gifts with conscious that are both a Christmas morning surprise and life saving help for the orang-utans.

The Indonesian day in Bedford will be the last event for OPF before Christmas.

During the whole year OPF is working to protect and secure the future of the orang-utans and the rainforest in Borneo. During the whole year OPF collects and shares stories from the jungle.

With the help of these creative supporters during 2013 we managed to write wonderful stories about orang-utans` releases, saved orang-utans` lives and thousands hectares of protected rainforest.

All the money OPF manages to raise during the day will be used for rescue and releases of orang-

utans, protection of the rainforest and education of local communities.

For more information about OPF visit www.opf.org




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