Landmark house faces demolition

Bury Farm.
Bury Farm.

Concerned residents are hoping a Victorian building will be spared demolition.

An application to level The Bury, in Kempston, and build 54 homes within the listed 17th Century wall surrounding the site, has been submitted to Bedford Borough Council.

Kempston resident Ann Collett-White is campaigning to save the house and is angry people have been given just 14 days to comment on the plan.

She said: “This is a major application that will lose us the last of Kempston’s history.

“The council’s own West Of Kempston development brief recognises the importance of the building at The Bury.”

DLP Planning consultant submitted the application on behalf of developer Bedfordia.

DLP managing director Simon James said it is an amended version of plans submitted in 2012, which seeks to replace the house with a replica of the original 1630’s building demolished in 1851.

He added: “The proposal probably won’t suit everybody but it does provide much-needed housing, in a parkland setting. Areas will be left open, and many trees will remain.”

People have until Monday, March 10 to submit their comments on the application (ref: 12/00206/MAO) to Bedford Borough Council.