Kempston Town FC celebrates 25 years


Kempston Town Football Club is hosting its 25th anniversary celebrations this coming Saturday, July 26 and is warmly inviting all those with links to club both past and present to attend, writes Layth Yousif.

Chairman Gary Ingerson said: “We want to see as many ex-players, managers, officials and friends as possible.

“Football starts at 3pm if they would like to participate and evening celebrations including the disco start at 7.30pm with free admission to all. It would be great to get together with people who used to be able to play football for us and still have their own hair!”

Kempston Town FC was set up in 1989 by a number of ex-Kempston Colts players who were no longer playing football but wished to do so.

A meeting was arranged at the King William pub in 1989 and the club was formed shortly after.

The ideals of the club were to encourage younger existing Colts players to continue their footballing ‘career’ in an environment similar to which they had played at youth level.

So close were the initial links they had the same chairman and secretary as Kempston Colts and part of the club’s constitution stated only ex-colts players were allowed to play for the Town.

With sole access to Cryselco Sports Ground on Saturdays they also had a home ground of their own nicknamed the ‘postage stamp’, due to its infamous lack of width in the early days,

The pitch could be used to an advantage as many teams were psychologically beaten before they kicked off.

The 2013-14 season saw the club equal its best ever league position as the first team came runners-up in the Premier Division.

A change in management for the 2014-15 season allowed its partnership with Bedford College to grow and as they move into their 25th anniversary, the club formed in a pub is still going strong.