Jingle bell rock for design firm

A design agency has been recruited to help promote a major US music label’s Christmas album – on the back of a successful seasonal viral campaign.

The Concord Music Group, based in Beverley Hills, commissioned Thurleigh-based agency elliottyoung to produce a specially-branded online game to promote the label’s new seasonal album Holidays Rule.

The agency, based at Bedford Technology Park, has also been commissioned by London-based record label Universal Music Group for the game to be used to market the UK release of the same album called Christmas Rules.

The bespoke game is called Ravenous Rudolph, with the winner receiving a hamper.

Lee Jackson, digital director of the agency, which is based at Bedford Technology Park in Thurleigh, said: “What started off as just a quirky campaign last year to our own customers, is quickly becoming a hugely exciting product for lots of new customers who are meeting elliottyoung for the first time this Christmas.

“I nearly fell off my chair when we got the call from Universal, and then when Corncord became interested, it was amazing.

“We are overjoyed that it’s taken off like this. We started it as just something fun to send out to our customers and they really liked it, and now it’s just gone crazy. It’s clearly something people have really taken to.

“The game was originally called Fat Santa, but we rebranded it and changed the name to Ravenous Rudolph, so it’s very seasonal and we’re now looking at doing an Easter game.

“We have been talking to some rather big companies, getting our foot in the door by way of offering some very clever marketing.”

Directors Lee Jackson, Dan Elliott, and Tim Davis, originally put six festive-themed online games in October to potential customers giving them the option to customise the viral campaign for their own clients as a more engaging alternative to a traditional Christmas card.

The agency has been sending the games on behalf of its new clients, with logos and web links of the companies added. Winners get a hamper as a prize as an incentive for competing, encouraging viral growth of the campaign.

The Christmas Rules album is a collection of new recordings of Yuletide classics from artists including Paul McCartney, Rufus Wainwright, Diana Krall and The Shins.