“I’m so proud that she even got in the box”

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AS Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries’ first week in the I’m A Celebrity jungle draws to a close, reporter Hayley O’Keeffe spoke to her daughter Jennifer, who told us exactly what the family thinks about the challenge.

Nadine arrived in Australia to take part in the show last week and a media and political storm ensued, revealling paparazzi pictures and stories about her personal life have also been included in reports.

Jen, who works in Bedfordshire, said: “It has been a rather difficult week for the family. It’s never nice to see unflattering pictures of mum being hounded by press when she obviously thought she was in a private location. I think that says more about the papers who printed these pictures rather than about mum.

“Old stories have been dragged up and it has been both frustrating and painful for us to see so many untruths reprinted. Unfortunately it seems negative press sells papers, however there has been support and kindness shown to the family this week for which we are all very grateful.”

She added: “Mum had always intended to donate the wage she has been paid to charity, for the time she has missed parliament sitting whilst being in Australia.

“She was obviously unable to reveal this before the show as she was contractually bound to silence about taking part. It is for mum to make the final decision as to which charities benefit from this but it is certainly something she will do on her return from the jungle.”

And Jen and sister Phillipa have been glued to the television coverage of Nadine’s trip, while her sister Cassie has taken over the MP’s Twitter page to gather support for her mum.

Jen said: “So far it looks like mum’s team have had a run of bad luck, so hopefully the only way is up for them now. She seemed relaxed enough but I can tell she’s nervous still. She’s only human. As soon as she gets a bit more into it I know she’ll enjoy it a lot and be able to relax a bit more.”

She added: “Monday night’s bug burial is the worst trial that mum could ever have had to do. Claustrophobia is her biggest fear, along with being burried alive so I’m so proud that she even got in the box.”

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