Houses to be built on carpark despite objections

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News focus

Development for two houses to be built on a pub car park is to go ahead within the Elstow Conservation Area following an appeal - despite objections from residents. The Planning Inspectorate has granted permission to build two houses on the former car park of The Swan Pub, Elstow.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Elstow Tim Hill says this decision is bad news for all those concerned with the history of Elstow as views of key heritage sites such as Moot Hall will be lost.

He said the development also sparked safety concerns among local residents due to the creation of a potentially dangerous blind spot on a well-used road.

Mr Hill said: “This is a bad decision for Elstow. However, given that permission has been granted I will work to ensure that we get the best for Elstow from the developer that we possibly can.”