Homes adapted to help residents with mobility issues improve their lifestyle

Kacey Jones at Crown Quay, Bedford.
Kacey Jones at Crown Quay, Bedford.

Residents in Bedford with restricted mobility have had their homes adapted by a housing association to help improve their lifestyle.

Their housing provider, Jephson Homes Housing Association, has carried out the work free of charge. Tenants of two ground floor flats at Crown Quay in Bedford town centre have benefited from new access ramps to the building which have recently been constructed. Both have also been given their own private entrances to the block of flats, to make it easier for them to get out and about in the local area.

One of the residents who has benefited is 36-year-old Kacey Jones. Kacey has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He contacted Jephson because he was having difficulty

getting in and out of the block of flats in his mobility scooter.

Jephson replaced a window into his flat with a brand new door and installed a 25-metre

ramp and pathway leading out into the communal gardens and away from the flats, giving

him his own private entrance and exit. The housing association will also be installing a level-access wet room to help increase his independence.

Kacey said: “I’m amazed by what has been done to help me. It’s really overwhelming.

The new entrance and exit has made such a massive difference to my life. I have more

independence now than I did before. When it’s a beautiful day now I don’t have to psyche

myself up to try to get outside, I can just open my door and I’m there. I’m so grateful to Jephson for their help.”

Jephson is also helping another resident, who lives in nearby Silverdale Street. The 53-year-old has limited mobility and uses either a walking frame or wheelchair, which was making it difficult for her to access the communal bathroom and get in and out of the building.

Jephson installed a ramp outside the building to help her, and is currently seeking planning permission to start work on an extension to her accommodation to give her her own accessible bathroom and new bedroom.

She said: “I’m really pleased with what’s been done so far and I am looking forward to all the work being finished. It will make life so much easier for me.”

William Philpott, Jephson director for the East region, said: “We are really pleased that we have been able to help several of our residents who have needed adaptations made to their homes. We hope the changes we have made will make their lives easier.”